Policy and Procedure for usage and maintenance of physical and academic facilities

Pankaj Kala Mahavidyalaya, Chopda has designed Policy and Procedure for usage and maintenance of physical and academic facilities in the year 2018.  This policy and procedures provide the basis for equitable allocation and efficient utilization of facility based on the critical needs of educational, research and administrative activities.  This results in a quality learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff.

1 .Use of Physical Facilities policy

This policy provides a framework for the use of physical space as per the needs of the College. The committee decides about the allocation of space for usage. The time table committee decides the allocation and usage of classrooms. The classrooms are allocated as per the strength of the students of each class. The time-table is planned in such a way that there is optimal use of classroom space.

The schedule of laboratory is decided by time-table committee with the help of head of the departments in such a way that the laboratory is used optimally. In addition to practical sessions, the laboratory space is used for research purposes by faculty and students. Authority to allot the space for research purpose is given to head of the department.

Administrative office spaces are cabinets assigned to one or more individuals on a regular basis containing furniture and other equipment and used by administrative and support staff.  The principal of the college allocate the required space to individual in the administrative office.

The departments organize guest lectures, seminars,   geography week, and other programs arranged for the students. These programs are helpful for students to get knowledge or recent developments in the subject. The space is allotted to these activities on the basis of importance of the activity and number of students participated in it.

The college space may be allocated to external users by taking the care that academic classes and academic activities in the college are not disturbed. The college space is allocated to different users on the basis of their request by the Principal.

Library Space is used to arrange the books and shelf. Library space contains stacks which is the space used to house arranged collections books and other educational materials for use as a study resource.   The library space is allocated by the Librarian according to the usage.

The Rules of Sports Facilities are designed by the college aim to serve as general guidelines to internal and external users. The programmes related to sports are displayed on the college Notice Board. All sports facilities are used for the training, competitions by the students and staff members. The Director of Physical Education, Principal and Gymkhana committee decides about the use of sports facilities.

The college equipment such as LCD projectors, printers, audio visual aids are allotted and monitored by the college clerk. The use and allocation of laboratory equipment are decided by the head of the respective department.

For the disposal of equipment from the deadstock register, the head of the respective department removed the equipment from the deadstock register after the permission of the concerned authorities

Maintenance Policy:

The college has performed the maintenance facility as per the maintenance policy:

The renovation, improvement and alteration of academic, research and support building is decided by the principal consultancy with the management and head of the respective department. After the permission of the management, Principal carried out his work.

The electricians and technician has been called for the repair of the computers and electric fittings.

Heads of the respective department and faculty are accountable for proper use of equipment. The heads of the department takes care of maintenance and repairing of any equipment.

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