Program Outcomes

B.A.Programme Outcomes
· Faculty – Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences

  • Students acquire the knowledge of concerned subjects such as History, Geography, Political Science, Defence Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Languages, etc.
  • Students comprehend the basic concepts, theories and  fundamental principles of different subjects.
  • Written articles, novels, stories  develop the moral and ethical values among the students.
  • Literature creates mental, moral, aesthetic, intellectual development of students and make them responsible citizen
  • Understood how issues in social science influence literature and how literature can provide solutions to the social issues. 
  • Students understand that the study of language, literature and social science help them to make a better and responsible citizen of the society.
  • Participated in various extracurricular activities voluntarily.
  • Emerged as a multifaceted personality who is self dependant; earning his own bread and butter and also create opportunities..
  • Realized that pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong process and in combination with untiring efforts and positive attitude are necessary qualities for leading a successful life.
  • Developed various skills such as LSRW, Comprehension, Knowledge etc., which will help them in expressing ideas and views clearly and effectively

B.Sc Programme Outcomes
After graduating from science faculty, a student should have:

  • Acquired knowledge of various subjects in basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, etc
  • Understood the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their relevance in day-to-day life.
  • Acquired skills in handling scientific instruments, planning and performing laboratory experiments. Analyzed the given scientific data critically and systematically and drawing objective conclusions.
  • Been able to think creatively to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing new solution to the problems.
  • Realized the recent developments in any one-science subject and help them in the development of other science subjects and vice-versa.
  • Developed scientific outlook not only with respect to science subjects but also in all aspects related to life.
  • Realized that knowledge of subjects in other faculties such as humanities, performing arts, social sciences etc can greatly and effectively influence & inspire in evolving new scientific theories and inventions.
  • Imbibed ethical, moral and social values in personal and social life leading to highly cultured and civilized personality.
  • Developed various practical skills such as
  • Realized that pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong activity and in combination with untiring efforts and positive attitude all necessary qualities for leading a successful life. Developed a flair for participating in various social and cultural activities voluntarily, in order to spread knowledge, creating awareness about the social evils, blind faith, etc


About us

To inculcate values and life skills among rural and tribal youth empowering them for social commitment
To bring the rural and tribal students in the mainstream and make them responsible citizens through the qualitative higher education
1. To impart quality based higher education for the rural and tribal students.
2. To make the students acknowledgeable and responsible citizens.
3. To provide platform to the students for overall development through sports, extension and co-curricular activities.
4. To sustain the economically weaker students in higher education by creating helpful situation.
5. To motivate the faculty for academic excellence and research.
6. To undertake activities for empowering girl students.
7. To undertake various activities for the creation of eco-friendly generations.
8. To enable students to face the challenges of upcoming times.

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