Special features
    • Reading room Facility for Boys and girls.
    • Reading Room Capacity for 50 students.
    • Open access for all Senior college Students.
    • Special Services to Competitive Examinations.
    • Internet Facility.
    • List of Added books to the Library are circulated to concern of Department of College.
    • Catalogue of back Volumes of Periodicals and Books available in the Library.
  1. Book lending
  2. Extended reading room availability
  3. Internet Searching and printing
  4. Identity Card Service
  5. Reprography Service
  6. Inter-library Lone Facility available with
    1. A.S.C. College, Chopda.
    2. Chopda Education Societies College of Education, Chopda
    3. S.S.P. Polytechnic Institute Chopda
library hours

Library remain accessible on working days from 8 AM to 5 PM except on Sunday and National Holidays.

Identity Card
• Every student member has necessary I Card.
• Without I Card Library Reading Material are not issued.
• Each member should show I Card to the Library authority at the entrance in the Library or circulation counter.
• I Card valid for the year only.
• In the event of I card lost, the holder of this card must bring the notice to the Principal or Librarian.
Book Circulation
• A book will be issued to a student only in exchange for one of his/her member account.
• In return a book to the Library on or before due date.
• Journals publication, Dictionaries, bound volumes and such other documents cannot be take on Library account or I card except with the permission of the Library authority.
• For Reading Room purpose book will be issued on I card and this book will be return same day.
• Before leaving the counter a member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound condition, and if not, he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian. Otherwise at the time of the returning of the book he/she is liable to be asked to pay the cost purchase new copy of the book.

In the Stack Room

• No member will be allowed to the take in the Stack room bags or other similar material.
• While inside the Libraries and Reading Room no member will be allows break the silence by talking or by action of any kind, eating food, sleep on the table.
• Do not damage to any fitting, furniture, books or other kindled reading material of the Library.
• Replace on the self any book or other reading material taken for use.
General Rules
• Mobile is not allowed in Library campus.
• For detailed rules see the Notice Board in Library.
• Any difficulty about Library immediately contact to the Librarian.
Library Rules
01. All students should enter their Names, Time and Signature in the “Student Visitor Register” while entering the library.
02. The students should keep their belongings outside the stacks and will be responsible for loss of their belongings.
03. All students must bring their Identity Card and Library-Card to avail library facilities.
04. Reading material should be returned on or before due date.
05. Do not write / scribble on any furniture or wall of the library.
06. For All Students, Two books will be issued for Seven days.
07. Maximum Books will be issued to teaching staff and Books for Non-teaching staff.
08. Reference books will be issued only for use in reading room.
10. Double amount of cost will be charged for loss or damage of material/book.
11. Mishandling, tearing, underlining with pen or pencil etc. is not allowed.
We welcome your suggestions and comments about the Library in the “Suggestions & complaint Box” kept in the Library
library staff
NameRahul Pitambar Jadhav
Educational Qualification MA. M. Lib. & Inf. Sci SET

If you have any question regarding to admission then


About us

To inculcate values and life skills among rural and tribal youth empowering them for social commitment
To bring the rural and tribal students in the mainstream and make them responsible citizens through the qualitative higher education
1. To impart quality based higher education for the rural and tribal students.
2. To make the students acknowledgeable and responsible citizens.
3. To provide platform to the students for overall development through sports, extension and co-curricular activities.
4. To sustain the economically weaker students in higher education by creating helpful situation.
5. To motivate the faculty for academic excellence and research.
6. To undertake activities for empowering girl students.
7. To undertake various activities for the creation of eco-friendly generations.
8. To enable students to face the challenges of upcoming times.

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Tal-Chopda, Dist-Jalgaon

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