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Department of Marathi

Principal Dr.Kishor Raghunath Pathak
Principal (In charge), M.A., NET, Ph.D.
Mobile no. 9421548679
Email id –karuna.kishor@gmail.com

Mr. More Arun Damu
Asst. Professor
Mobile no.8390116399
Email id –morearun12@gmail.com

Department of English

Dr. Waghmode Mahadev Kashinath
Asst. Professor
M.A.,B.Ed., NET, Ph.D.
Mobile no. 8698282181
Email id –mkwaghmode@rediffmail.com
Mr. Surwade Sunil Dada
Asst. Professor
M.A.,B.Ed., SET
Mobile no. 9272326596
Email id –sunilsurwade007@gmail.com

Department of Geography

Dr.Nandini Pandurang Wagh
Asst. Professor
M.A., Ph.D.
Mobile no. 9970874752
Email id –nandiniwagh2012@gmail.com
Mr. Patil Ajay Devidasrao
Asst. Professor
M.A., NET.
Mobile no. 9422686081
Email id–aryajay@gmail.com

Department of Defence And Strategic Studies

Mr. Patil Sanjay Santosh
Asst. Professor
(Defence Studies)
Mobile no. 9881929180
Email id –sanjuaaba.111@gmail.com
Mr. Deore Dipakrao Baburao
Asst. Professor
(Defence Studies)
Mobile no.9763697220
Email id–dipakrao.deore@gmail.com

Department of Hindi

Mr. Patil Deelip Pandit
Asst. Professor
Mobile no. 9420349140
Email id–deelip.patil115@gmail.com

Department of Sociology

Mr. Valvi Shamshing Ramsing
Asst. Professor
Mobile no. 9403101795
Email id-shamsingrvalvi@gmail.com

Department of History

Mr. Girhe Dilip Bhimrao
Asst. Professor
M.A., M.Phil, SET.
Mobile no. 9823354704
Email id – girhedb.history@gmail.com

Department of Political Science

Mr. Patil Sanjay Kashinath
Asst. Professor
M.A., NET.
(Political Science)
Mobile no. 8275517448
Email id –sanjaykpatil79@gmail.com

Department of Psychology

Mr. Raysing Yogaraj Raghunath
Asst. Professor (C.H.B.)
M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
Mobile no. 8600302781

Director of Physical Education & Sports

Dr. Patil Vijay Kashinath
Physical Director
B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed., Ph.D.
(Physical Director)
Mobile no. 9370003491
Email id –vkpatil.gauri@gmail.com

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About us

To inculcate values and life skills among rural and tribal youth empowering them for social commitment
To bring the rural and tribal students in the mainstream and make them responsible citizens through the qualitative higher education
1. To impart quality based higher education for the rural and tribal students.
2. To make the students acknowledgeable and responsible citizens.
3. To provide platform to the students for overall development through sports, extension and co-curricular activities.
4. To sustain the economically weaker students in higher education by creating helpful situation.
5. To motivate the faculty for academic excellence and research.
6. To undertake activities for empowering girl students.
7. To undertake various activities for the creation of eco-friendly generations.
8. To enable students to face the challenges of upcoming times.

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