Courses - Science

courses - Science

F.Y.B.Sc. (Semester Pattern)

The Students joining FY B.Sc shall have to opt four subjects out of the following: Physics,
Computer Science,

The following combinations of the four subject are available.

1Physics ChemistryMathematicsComputer Science
2Physics ChemistryMathematicsElectronics


In addition to above combination of four subjects , 1. The students should opt for Environmental Studies under Ability Enhancement Course in Semester II for 2 credits.
2. The students should opt for Any one language -English/Marathi under Ability Enhancement Course in Semester I for 2 credits.
3. A student shall offer one of the four subjects offered by him/her at F.Y.B.Sc., as his/her principal subject.
4. A student who desires to take Physics (Principal) at T.Y.B.Sc. shall have to offer Mathematics as one of the subjects at F.Y.B.Sc.
5. Student who desires to offer Electronics (Principal) at T.Y.B.Sc. should essentially offer Physics & Maths at F.Y.B.Sc. & further Physics at S.Y.B.Sc., in addition to Electronics.
6. Candidate passing H.S.C. Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or any equivalent examination with English, Maths & Physics, will be eligible for admission to F.Y.B.Sc. Computer Course. Candidate passing Govt. Diploma Exam. in Computer Subject is also eligible for F.Y.B.Sc. Computer Course.

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To inculcate values and life skills among rural and tribal youth empowering them for social commitment
To bring the rural and tribal students in the mainstream and make them responsible citizens through the qualitative higher education
1. To impart quality based higher education for the rural and tribal students.
2. To make the students acknowledgeable and responsible citizens.
3. To provide platform to the students for overall development through sports, extension and co-curricular activities.
4. To sustain the economically weaker students in higher education by creating helpful situation.
5. To motivate the faculty for academic excellence and research.
6. To undertake activities for empowering girl students.
7. To undertake various activities for the creation of eco-friendly generations.
8. To enable students to face the challenges of upcoming times.

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